Student: Is reincarnation a fact? Have people here lived past lives?

Master: Yes. Many here have lived in experience before.

Student: Is it a part of some plan so that we can learn and grow?

Master: A plan?

Student: Yes, a plan so we can learn that we don't have to come back.

Master: No one must come back. Many choose to, but that is their choice.

Student: They why come back?

Master: It is a choice, but many make the choice not knowing. Most do not leave this experience with the Knowledge they require in order to return to The One.

Student: Why would anyone choose to come here in the first place?

Master: Reason is not required for a choice to be made.

Student: But once we make the choice, we’re stuck with it?

Master: No one is stuck anywhere. You are free to leave now. You are also free to have any life you wish, any illusion you wish, in any time you wish. This includes all the past lives you speak of. They are all there, in The One.

It is estimated by some that nearly two thirds of the population of the world believes in reincarnation. It is not necessary to believe in it; it is a fact of our movie of reality. But our movie is a product of our mind. It is a presentation that limits our awareness so we can have experience. And, as we have learned, even that experience is limited.

Reality is holographic, it is not separate from The One. It is only the illusion of Maya that makes it appear so in our mind. In a holographic reality, all experience is available, even the experience of reincarnation. The question is, then, does experience have to meet the qualifications we have placed upon it, the qualifications we have formulated within a limited experience, to be valid?

One of the reasons many do not accept reincarnation as a fact is that, throughout the world, many individuals claim to have had the same experience, to have been the same person in a "past life." From our limited view of experience, this is not possible. But from a holographic viewpoint, it is not only possible, but quite likely. This is a stretch of the imagination for the logic we use in consensus reality, so let’s take a closer look at it from a holographic point of view.

Remember, holographic reality is a world of energy, not matter. Holographic energy is interconnected and has no location in relation to the world of matter. This means that the energy that is the tip of your right index finger is also the energy that is a star at the edge of the universe.

Holographic energy, because it has no location, is not limited by time or distance. This means that the energy that is the tip of your right index finger is, from a holographic standpoint, in the same "place" and "time" as a star at the edge of the universe. Remember, though, place and time are terms that do not apply to holographic reality. We use them only so we can make a relationship between holographic reality and our limited physical world.

Holographic energy is unlimited in potential. Because of this, we say holographic energy can become anything. Again, this statement is made from our perspective in a limited reality. From a holographic perspective, energy is everything. This means that the energy that is the tip of your right index finger, from a holographic standpoint, is a star at the edge of the universe.

Let’s look at the question again: Does an experience have to meet the qualifications we have placed upon it, qualifications we have formulated within a limited experience, to be valid?

The answer is, it does not. Any experience we have is valid, and has its foundation in holographic energy as potential. The experience you are having right now is a possibility of holographic energy that you are involved in through your focus of attention and your observation. When you pause for a moment and imagine yourself walking out the door and reclining on the grass, you have another experience. It appears in your mind as something you only thought about and did not do. However, it is as real and valid an experience as what you are doing right now. It required your attention and your observation. It appeared in the energy of your mind and, because energy is holographic, appeared throughout the holographic world in energy form just as if you had "really" done it. It makes no difference, from a holographic standpoint, whether you think you did it or whether you think you just thought you did it. In either case, you fulfilled the requirements of creation. You placed your attention on a potential of holographic energy, produced the elements of Maya, and had an experience.

As an example of this, masters often perceive their students as energy rather than limited physical beings. This allows their interaction to become more intimate.

My Master asked: Are you writing a book?

I responded: Well, no, but I am thinking about it.

My Master replied: Ah! Forgive me, you are thinking about writing a book.

This kind of interaction goes on often between Masters and their students. In the instance just mentioned, my Master perceived the energy of my mind, and the crystallized future beyond my awareness. When she asked the question, I had no intention of writing a book. I was just "going over my notes." At least that’s all I thought I was doing, all my paradigm allowed me to experience at the time. My Master, however, was aware of the crystallized future in the energy of my mind.

But the energy of attention is not divided into thoughts or, from our perspective, actions. When the attention is focused, the action is accomplished. The more focused our attention, the more thought we give it, the more vivid the vibration of the energy of that thought. This energy exists in our mind, and our mind is energy. It is we, with our limited perception of "reality," who have determined that a thought is not a thing until it is as limited as we are, until it exists in a form that our physical senses can perceive.

We have also limited our understanding of experience by thinking that experience is an individual thing. From a holographic standpoint, all experience exists as holographic potential and is available to any one at any time. While I was sitting with my Master, the focus of attention I had given to my notes was still vibrating in the energy of my mind. But in the hologram, energy is not localized. It exists as the same potential, the same vibration of energy, throughout The One. It was my focus of attention that illuminated that energy for me. It was my Master’s focus of attention on me that illuminated it for her. But the energy, the potential for the book, always has been, is now, and always will be available to anyone who gives it their attention.

The experience you are having now always existed, is now, and will always be. Nor is it limited to your mind. Any mind, in any "time," that is focused as yours is now, is vibrating in harmony with yours. You are not separate from them, and a Master sees their vibrations, their attention, in harmony with yours. They are having the same experience you are having now, and they are having it throughout time and space as we know it.

It is possible for us to perceive these same vibrations. This may happen during transpersonal awareness, hypnosis, or even in a dream. But when it happens to us, our mind attempts to fit the information into our limited understanding of reality. We see ourselves as another person, perhaps in a "past life."

It is also possible to create the conditions, in our mind, for a past life experience. All we have to do is place our attention on it. Again, it is as real and valid an experience as what we are experiencing right now. Whether it "really" happened, from our interpretation of reality, means nothing in the holographic potential of The One. If it is a possibility, it is of The One. If it is not of The One, it cannot even become a thought.

As you can see, giving attention to reincarnation -- and assigning meaning to it -- is very limiting. It allows your mind to access the holographic potential of The One and create a experience that fits your paradigm. This is exactly what you have done in creating your movie of reality. Rather than spending time, and the precious energy of attention, dwelling on reincarnation, focus your attention on Balance in The One. Whenever your perception of reality contain the essence of Maya, recognize it for what it is, and gently return your thoughts to the source, as in meditation.

Yes, reincarnation is a reality -- another limited reality of our creation. But you can see that, with Balance, we have access to all experience throughout time and space. With Balance, the hologram of experience and awareness is ours to explore without limit.

But before we can enter this wonderful world of holographic potential, we must fully understand how we became involved in our current experience. Most of us are deeply involved in this movie of reality, and we carry our script with us.

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