Spiritual Guidance 2

The Psychic

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what our course in this life is? Wouldn’t it be helpful if we knew who our ‘soul mate’ was, what ‘job’ is best for us and where we should ‘live?’ These seem to be the types of questions commonly asked in a ‘reading’ when someone is seeking ‘spiritual advice.’ But how helpful is this kind of information? What effect does this knowledge have on our spiritual growth? To discover the answers, we must look at the structure of Spirit – the structure of Energy. We must take a good look at who and what we are.

You are energy – spirit energy. We could say, we will say that Spirit and Energy are the same. This is not the first time this concept was presented. A great Master once said, ‘God is Light.’ Light is the constant in our physical world. And light is energy.

Spirit is holographic. Spirit is interconnected with all Spirit. In Spirit, there is no time, no distance and no limitation. The One is the ‘Big Ball’ of Energy that is Spirit. The One contains All and is I AM.

You are I AM. You are that ‘Big Ball’ of energy. You are connected to All, there is no time or distance in your Spirit awareness and you have no limitations.

Allow your imagination to expand just now. Imagine yourself as that ‘Big Ball’ of energy. Imagine yourself as The One. Close your eyes for a moment and allow yourself to float in the unlimited potential of Spirit. This is the real ‘you.’

Now, focus your attention on the chair you are sitting in right now. Feel your body, hear the sounds around you, see the walls, the floor. Listen to the sound of your breathing. This, too, is the real ‘you.’ The only thing that has changed is your perspective. Your attention has caused a ‘Little Ball’ of energy to appear within The One. You are still connected – you are still I AM, but your attention has limited your perception.

This is very important to remember as we discuss spiritual guidance. We are all connected. We continually interact on an Energy level, on a Spirit level. As you are reading this, we are making a connection beyond mere words. We are exchanging concepts, perceptions and understandings. We are ‘vibrating’ in harmony. This Spirit vibration is taking place continually on all the layers of the transpersonal realm. Although we will discuss what we call ‘psychic’ or ‘metaphysical’ aspects of our reality, the fact that these aspects appear unique is simply because we are not aware that they are always taking place. We are all Spirit. We are all connected.

For discussion, let’s say that I am psychic. As a psychic, I can see that ‘Little Ball’ of energy around you that is the result of your attention. The focus of your attention has caused the Energy of The One to vibrate. What I see in that little ball of energy is the focus of your attention.

You have been focusing your attention for many ‘years’ now. You have joined a group of entities that are focusing their attention on this movie of reality. Your ball of energy reflects not only your thoughts, but the thoughts that are in harmony with those with whom you have agreed.

Together, we are a choir of entities singing the song of consensus reality.

Without looking at your physical body, but still seeing only the little ball of energy that is the focus of your attention, I can tell a lot about you. Things that are important to you in this reality get more attention, and they vibrate a little more in your energy. Your attention is like a light, illuminating these areas in the energy around you. I can see your likes and dislikes. The things that bring you pleasure and the things that pain you are vibrating there. Your ‘job’ may be there – good or bad – according to how you feel about it. For discussion, let’s say that you don’t like your job. You change tires in the local tire shop.

Other entities, other ‘little balls’ of energy that are interacting with you are connected to your vibrations of energy. Through this connection, I can access those whom you love and those whom you dislike. I may perceive a name, a face or a gender. All these things vibrate in that little ball of energy that is you in this movie of reality. All these things are the result of the focus of your attention.

Now, let’s look at ‘spiritual’ advice. You have learned from The Path that there are ‘layers’ of energy in the transpersonal realm. You know that the first transpersonal layer is right here in our physical reality. So, let’s start right here for our spiritual advice.

Let’s talk - physical being to physical being. The physical body is energy, too so we can say that any advice I give you or you give me is spiritual advice. Actually, there is no other form of communication. The fact that we use words to communicate does not mean that we have eliminated energy. Actually, the energy must appear first. Our thoughts and feelings exist in energy before we express them in words. So, you tell me about your job and ask me if I think you should look for another. I am becoming aware of that little ball of energy even though the means is through verbal communication. From what you tell me, your job is obviously a ‘dead-end’ position with little chance for advancement. I tell you that it might be a good idea to look around for something that interests you more – something that offers more opportunity. I may even say, ‘If I were you I would ---.’ Or ‘You should ---.’ You may or may not take my advice. You know that the decision is up to you. I have only given you my opinion. And my opinion is based on my perception, what I hear from you and my own paradigm – nothing more.

Well, you say, perhaps I should seek ‘spiritual counsel.’ You know, go to a psychic. Let’s say that this psychic does not know you. Let the ‘reading’ begin. Remember that, in this scenario, you change tires in the local tire shop.

"I want to ask you about my job. Should I change my job? Should I look for another?"

"I see you work with your hands and you work with tools. Your hands become dirty often and wash your hands often."

Wow, this guy is good! "Yes, that’s true."

"There appears to be no chance for advancement in this job. You do not feel that you are being fulfilled."

This is amazing. It sounds like this psychic is right on. But, has he told you any more than you learned in your discussion with me? Not yet.

"Do you see a change of job for me?"

Here we find out how far the psychic can see into that little ball of energy that is you and how far he can make the connection to other entities that are in harmony. Let’s say that there is someone close to you who knows that you are dissatisfied with your job. This individual, without mentioning it to you has been looking for a different job for you. One he feels would be better for you. He is making contacts and asking questions. A skilled psychic will be able to make the connection to that activity through your energy. A skilled psychic also knows your tendencies, they are vibrating in your energy, and will answer according to what you are most likely to do – at this moment.

There are a number of responses to this question that we must look at. And here we will discover the difference between ‘psychic’ information and sound spiritual advice.

The fact that an individual is able to read the energy field around you does not necessarily make him or her a good counselor or instill in them the ability to offer sound spiritual advice. It is often the case, though, that what the listener wants is specific direction. They really want to be told what they should do. We must know that this kind of advice is OPINION ONLY. It is based on the psychic’s paradigm, the information in your energy and your tendencies. It really gives you no advice. It will sound something like this;

"There seems to be something in the near future. Yes, an opportunity will come soon and you should (must, will) take it."

This is what many love to hear. It gives them the feeling that their life is taking a turn for the better. It also removes most of the responsibility for making a personal choice. An individual armed with this kind of ‘psychic advice’ will most often make the decision to change jobs based on the ‘advice’ alone – without giving thoughtful consideration to other possibilities. The danger here is that it is very easy to believe that what you just heard WILL HAPPEN. That belief, coupled with your attention and expectation, virtually eliminate any other possibilities in your future. You begin to create your future according to the ‘advice’ of the psychic. The future you see now has a very good chance of happening, and when it does, it becomes very east to become dependant on the psychic.

But even when the psychic foresaw these events, they were still flexible and subject to change. You still had an opportunity to decide the course of your future for yourself. The psychic did not tell you this. He or she made it sound like the future was already in place.

The vibrations in your energy are the result of your focus of attention. You can choose where to focus your attention any time. We must remember that we are the source of the energy – we are the creators of our reality and we are responsible for the choices we make.

Sound spiritual advice is a bit different;

"Yes, there will be the opportunity for change."

"Should I change jobs at that time?"

"The opportunity will present itself. There are always other options. You must consider and make the decision. Follow your Heart."

Here, the information is presented but the responsibility for choice is placed soundly back on the individual. This is as it should be, but it is not often what the listener wants to hear. ‘Follow your Heart’ seems, on the surface, to be no advice at all. But it is the VERY BEST advice a spiritual counselor or anyone can offer. Again, anything more is an opinion.

Key phrases that give evidence of opinion are:

You should. You should not.

You will. You will not.

You must. You must not.

Do. Do not do.

Believe. Do not believe.

In short, any ‘advice’ that takes the responsibility for making a choice away from you is not sound spiritual advice.

There are exceptions. Some things follow a logical order. We do learn to walk before we can run. ‘YOU MUST resolve your last relationship before you can begin a new one.’ is not opinion. Rather, it is sound advice. If I just got out of an abusive relationship and began a new one right away, that lingering energy from my paradigm may result in another, similar relationship. Like attracts like. The new relationship would not be a ‘new’ one. It would be a continuation of the last one because of my attention on the lingering energy patterns.

The psychic is an excellent source of information about the crystallized future. A skilled psychic can see our current tendencies, the tendencies of others and the probable course on which these energies will impel us. The key to psychic information is that it is IMPELLING - but it is NEVER COMPELLING. Visit the psychic to gather specific information. Make a conscious effort to balance what you hear with your responsibility for evaluating the information and making a decision. Listen to advice and direction, then choose your course of action and take full responsibility for it.

We are all psychic to some degree. We should, when offering advice, continually remind the listener that they alone are responsible for making a decision. The skills of a psychic have a tendency to cause the listener to believe. If you are psychic and ‘see’ something in another’s energy, you are responsible for informing that individual that what you are perceiving is based on current energy patterns. Remind them that they can change the future this instant by changing the focus of attention. Remind them that they are the creator. And please, tell them to ‘Follow Your Heart.’ Regardless of what we see in the future, it is the greatest advice we can give.

You are the center of your reality – you are The Master of your reality. Creative energy extends out from you in response to your attention.

Follow your Heart and Walk in Peace

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