Spiritual Guidance 3

The Medium

We covered Psychic Counseling. Let’s kick it up a notch. A ‘medium’ may be able to offer ‘better’ advice.

To set the stage, you should know that we have the technology to record the frequency of the vibration of energy around the physical body. The frequency is recorded in hertz, (HZ) which represents cycles per second. I will not go into detail concerning the technology, but I will explain the findings.

The highest bio-electrical energy frequency of the ‘normal’ human being is around 250 HZ and is located in the physical heart. Bio-electrical energy is the electrical impulses created by the physical body. There is also an energy field around the body, called the ‘aura’ that can be detected with modern, sensitive instruments. When an individual is focused on the physical world, this energy field emits a frequency consistent with the highest bio-electrical energy– around 250 HZ. In other words, the energy field or aura around the body is consistent with the attention of the individual.

The psychic’s energy field, the field outside the physical body, is emitting the frequency around 400 HZ to 800 HZ and is doing this while the bio-electrical energy remains at the baseline 250HZ. The energy in the aura is actually higher in frequency, or ‘vibration’ than the bio-electrical energy of the physical body, so the source of the aura is not the physical body. This is evidence that the attention and awareness of the psychic is focused beyond the first transpersonal layer, beyond the physical.

The psychic may be aware of disincarnate entities, but unless they allow the entity to occupy their physical body, they are operating as a psychic and not as a medium. A medium is an individual that has allowed their physical being to become temporarily inhabited by an entity from the second or third transpersonal layer. The ‘consciousness,’ personality and paradigm of the medium is temporarily replaced by that of the entity. Transmogrification, a detectable change in the physical being, may accompany the session. The energy in the aura of the medium is vibrating even higher than that of the psychic, around 800 HZ to 900 HZ.

This change in frequency is an indication that the awareness of the medium has transcended the physical and is located in another layer of the transpersonal realm. It is NOT evidence that the information or paradigm of the presenting entity is from a ‘higher’ source. This SAME CHANGE IN FREQUENCY takes place when the medium is in contact with ‘negative’ or ‘earth-bound’ entities. This is very important for us to understand. The fact that the phenomenon is taking place does not give it automatic credibility in the arena of spiritual direction or advice. We must still evaluate the information and make our own, personal decision concerning its credibility and value.

Entities appearing through the medium are usually associated with the second or third transpersonal layers. The second layer of the Transpersonal Realm is very closely related to the first. (Information about the layers of the Transpersonal Realm can be found at the Skyhero Web Site) You will recall from The Path that entities in the second layer are attracted by desire to the energies of the first layer. These entities want to participate in the energy that they human body produces in response to attention. They are in tune with the vibrations of the first transpersonal layer, still maintain a paradigm related to physical existence, have what represents a physical form and are attracted to our physical world.

You may also recall that entities from the third layer are attracted to the first layer by similarities in belief systems. These entities want to participate in the energy that is produced by attention in the mind in response to belief systems. They are ‘attracted’ to that vibration of energy, and so are we, through our beliefs, to them.

This is not a new phenomenon. Mediums have been around since the beginning of time. The fact that they are just gaining acceptance in our reality is due to the fact that our attention was focused elsewhere for a time. We were consumed by our technology and by our religious beliefs. Our technology did not allow for them. Neither, for the most part, did our western belief systems. We are outgrowing those tendencies now, and psychics and mediums are gaining acceptance once again.

The first three layers of the transpersonal realm and the associated paradigms are very closely related. Because of this, the entity appearing through a medium is still relating to the physical portion of consensus reality, to the vibrations of the first transpersonal layer. They relate to the physical body or a physical form, usually provide a name, an organization or belief system, and a gender.

What information can we obtain from a medium? What ‘advice’ can they offer?

The medium offers the same types of ‘advice’ that the psychic offers. Without implying that any of this is good or bad, we must understand that unless we are very careful, we may become involved in another belief system or another consensus agreement. Entities in all three layers still have a paradigm in place.

As with the psychic, the entity presenting through a medium is ‘in touch’ with that little ball of energy that is ‘us’ in this reality. They are aware of our likes and dislikes. They are connected, through our attention, to those that are close to us. They may get a name, a face or a gender. They are able, like the psychic, to tell us things that appear ‘supernatural.’

Let’s begin with the second layer. Entities from the second transpersonal layer share much of the paradigm of the first. They still have a DESIRE to participate in the energies produced by the physical body in the first transpersonal layer. They display this desire by attempting to create a CIRCLE OF ENERGY in which we may participate. This is an energy exchange between entities and is no different than the exchanges that take place here in the first layer. How do they do this?

There are many ways. One of the most common is through RITUAL. When we participate in a ritual initiated by an entity from the second transpersonal layer, we are producing energy that we share between layers. They may encourage us to perform a ritual that they describe and to perform it on a daily basis for a period of time. Don’t get the wrong idea. This is neither good nor bad. It is much the same as the energy exchange taking place with the spectators at our son’s little league game or the participants in a religious worship service. It is the way we interact and exchange energy in reality by agreement, attention and by belief. It is a fact of our ongoing reality. We should be aware, though, that we are participating.

Another method of making a circle of energy is by creating EXPECTATION. Entities from the second transpersonal layer are adept at looking down the scene of time, into the crystallized future and creating expectations in our mind. They may tell us to LOOK for something that is about to happen as a SIGN that we are on the ‘right track.’ When we focus our attention on these expectations, we produce an energy circle.

These entities may utilize the extremes of the emotional spectrum to create a circle of energy. They may offer WARNINGS about upcoming events. We become aware of these warnings and produce an ongoing energy circle.

Again, this is neither good nor bad. The same desire to join and participate may result from listening to someone talk about his or her beliefs right here in our consensus reality. We just want to remain aware of what is happening. We want to be able to separate the information from the belief – the data from the paradigm.

Entities from the transpersonal realms are able to offer transpersonal information. Like most of us here, they still hold beliefs in the paradigm and have desires and expectations. As with anyone holding to very strong beliefs, this does not necessarily make them good counselors. And, as with anyone holding strong beliefs, they may be good sales people. We may find ourselves attracted to the circle of energy. It is possible. This is especially true if the medium has a very strong belief system. Remember that we are attracted to others and others are attracted to us by the focus of our attention. Additionally, the medium may be an ‘inspired’ personality and not even recognized as a medium. The shift of personalities may be very subtle and is sometimes equated to being ‘in the spirit’ or ‘under the spirit.’

In the third transpersonal layer, beliefs are very strong. Entities from this layer are where they are because of the beliefs and expectations they held while here in the first layer. Their desire is not to participate in an energy circle, but rather, to get us to BELIEVE they way they do. The energy we produce does not benefit them as individual entities, but it supports their belief and reality structure in the third transpersonal layer. These entities are also adept at reading our energy and giving advice, but their advice is filled with subjective interpretations of good and bad, right and wrong. The advice is always supported by the belief system prominent in the ‘heaven’ they find themselves in. There are usually the ‘forces’ of good and evil. There may be a struggle or a spiritual war taking place. We can be sure, regardless of the belief system that they are certain they will be the ‘winners’ of this war and that the evil forces will be destroyed. They may present WARNINGS that if we do not believe we will suffer, perhaps even be destroyed or lose our soul.

It is often the case that what we call miracles are associated with this type of medium. Apports may appear. Physical healing may take place. ‘Special powers’ may be displayed such as the drinking of poison or the handling of serpents without harm. These phenomena are usually supported by a belief and reality structure and are usually attributed to an external source.

Or, these entities may set us apart in a special place. They may tell us that we are CHOSEN or that we are ‘one of the chosen.’ Because their belief is strong, they may produce an energy that is high on the spectrum for the physical body. We may become physically aware of this energy and relate it to an external source. But it is OUR energy coupled with the transpersonal interaction that we are feeling. We are participating in the magic of agreeing.

Entities from the third transpersonal realms often appear through the medium with canned teachings that are presented immediately. The topic may range from belief systems to space ships and galactic civilizations that are interested in saving the earth or rescuing mankind from impending destruction. I say this without judgment – it is all quite real. We are the creators and our consensus reality does not begin or end with our earth. This is not the only movie in town. It is simply a matter of where we wish to focus our attention. I will say, though, that we will not be rescued from our own creation. We may create another. We have created our ‘heavens’ as a rescue place. All it takes is the focus of attention and consensus agreement.

It may sound as if many organized religions are the result of medium interaction. In fact, psychics and mediums have played a major role in the creation of most major belief systems. If we could see what is taking place in a religious service or ritual, we would find entities from the second or third transpersonal layers deeply involved. They are attracted, through the vibrations of attention, to the individual or group that shares their belief and reality structure. With very few exceptions, belief systems are the result of an energy interaction between the first and second or the first and third transpersonal layers.

Again, this is neither good nor bad. It is just a fact of our consensus reality. These are natural energy interactions that are taking place as we create and participate on any ‘level’ or in any layer of the transpersonal realms. What we want you to know is that when we choose to become involved in these interactions, we are participating in consensus agreement and ongoing reality. In our attention, we are the source of the energy.

You are the source. You are the creator. You are I AM.

I AM responds to your attention.

I AM total Love and Acceptance. I AM accepts you the way you are right now. I AM accepts the choices you have made and the choices you will make.

I AM is the Great Gift of Free Will. Should you relinquish this freedom to participate in the magic of agreeing, I AM accepts your choice.

I AM requires you to believe in nothing other than I AM.

You are – I AM.

Psychics and mediums are excellent sources of information concerning the tendencies or patterns existing in the crystallized future when we follow some very simple principles.

  1. Ask for tendencies, potential or patterns. Be specific. Language is very important.
  2. Never ask what you should or should not do. As an example, I may have questions about my financial future and want to ask about my job. My question might be: Do you see the potential for financial advancement in my current job? Or: Do you see my employer prospering in the near future? Or: Do the patterns for a different job with better pay exist in the near future? These patterns exist or do not exist in the crystallized future. I will not ask: Do you see me changing jobs? That question is based on my current tendencies.

  3. Avoid belief systems. All belief systems are equal.
  4. Information from the psychic or medium concerning belief systems is not from a higher source. It is of no more value than the information we hear on TV, read in religious literature or glean from an evangelist.

  5. Develop a sense of Balance and carry that Balance with you.
  6. The medium and the entity or entities appearing are no higher or lower on in Spiritual standing than you or I are. We are all equal in Spirit. A feeling of submission is an energy that these entities can participate in. Honor the entity, the information and the source, but remain in Balance.

  7. Evaluate all information after the session and make your decisions then.
  8. Never make a commitment during a session. This includes an agreement to return. The energy involved in transpersonal interactions is very subtle and lasting connections can be developed.

  9. Exchange energy and complete the energy circle.

A tangible gift of thanks for the medium, monetary or otherwise, is desirable. If the medium has a set fee, be prepared to provide this fee in full. This completes the circle of energy and leaves all parties free to continue as individuals.

Visit the medium to gather specific information. As with the psychic, make a conscious effort to balance what you hear with your knowledge and awareness and make a conscious, personal decision. It is advisable not to become deeply involved in sessions or rituals if your desire is to grow and expand your awareness. Remain open and continue to question.

For the medium, remain aware that we are the source of attraction. Our focus of attention as well as our beliefs and expectations attract the entities that appear through us. We are the deciding factor – not them. We are in control – not them.

We are all mediums to some degree. We are all interacting with the attention and energy of entities throughout the transpersonal realm. And we all have a responsibility to honor the beliefs of others without judgment.

Believe in yourself and Walk in Peace

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