Spiritual Guidance 4

The Channel

Like the medium, the Channel is an individual that allows a disincarnate entity to temporarily inhabit their physical being. And again, this is not a new phenomenon – it has peen around since the beginning of time.

The Channel will produce a frequency that is much higher than previously recorded in either the psychic or the medium; it may even be off the scale of our instruments. The entity presenting is appearing from in or near the fourth transpersonal layer. They are aware of the physical body and the physical portion of consensus reality, but they do not see it as physical. It is energy, and these entities perceive the energy that results in the physical through our attention and agreement. Most of us do not have the instrumentation necessary to record the actual vibration present, but there is a way to determine in which transpersonal layer the entity resides. We can do this through language – the words spoken through the medium or channel.

Entities from the fourth transpersonal layer often speak in the plural ‘We’ rather than the singular ‘I’ and may switch between the two. At the third layer of awareness, there is less distinction of individuality. They usually do not offer a name or gender unless asked. Then, they will offer a name and a gender that meets the reality structure and the expectations of the individual or group whom they are addressing. Names, titles, location, gender and beliefs are of no importance in the fourth layer.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this layer is that the entity totally refuses to align with a single belief or reality structure – a single religion. There will be absolutely no canned religious or belief teachings from the fourth layer. In that layer, all beliefs are valid and anything we believe in is truth – all things are possible. In this respect, the entity will treat what we may consider the ‘saint and the sinner’ equally – there is never condemnation of an individual’s choice or role in this movie of reality. They will discuss options and outcomes related to consensus reality, offer advice for expanding and growing only if it is asked for, and meet each individual right where they are. This is very obvious in the language of the entity from the fourth transpersonal layer.

Our perception can expand from seeing the physical body to seeing the energy around the physical body. Because of our paradigm, we usually relate everything to the physical. The channeled entity does not ‘see’ the physical body or the physical world. Rather, they are aware of the energy that is. Because of this, they may not perceive physical limitations that an individual may have or physical surroundings in a specific area. These limitations do not exist in the energy body or energy world and may not be perceived from the fourth transpersonal layer. Neither do the limitations of time or distance. You may ask what is happening as a result of the depleting of the ozone layer, and you will get a response of cause and effect. But you will also be told that this is but one of many possibilities and that things will change as we change. There will never be teachings of doom and destruction. Things will change, but life goes on. This is a fact. There is no good or bad, right or wrong. There is only the ever changing cause and effect resulting from our change in focus of attention in consensus agreement. This entity is perceiving us as holographically connected spirit energy and must make an effort to look into the limitations of your paradigm. Because the awareness of the channeled entity is very different than our own, we may even ‘feel’ that this entity is less accurate than the psychic or medium. A question that we consider very absolute may be answered with ‘perhaps’, ‘it appears as if’ or ‘possibly.’

The channeled entity does not arrive with canned teachings. They are willing to discuss anything and usually begin by asking, "Do you have questions?" They are attracted, through the vibrations of attention, to the individual that is in wonder and totally open. They are attracted to The Question.

Because of this awareness, individuals asking questions that challenge specific beliefs are often left with the feeling that the entity is not being specific. All beliefs are valid. Heaven and hell do exist in the third transpersonal layer, and if you believe in this and are committed to this belief, the entity will make no attempt to change your way of thinking. They will only respond to the question – your question. If, however, your belief is in question and you are prepared to learn, you are in for a lively discussion.

The channeled entity will never take you beyond your question. If your question remains unasked, they may encourage you to ask. If you wish only to ask about your physical state, your relationships and your job, etc. then you will receive no further teachings.

While speaking to a channeled presence, we must construct our questions very carefully. You may ask if a person is still living and the entity will answer, "But, of course." even though the individual in question no longer exists in the physical. ‘Living’ and ‘dying’ as we know it here does not relate to the fact that Life Is. This entity may even ask us if the individual we are asking about is still in the physical, if they are near or far from a physical standpoint or if they are male or female. This is to clarify what they are perceiving from a holographic standpoint and make it fit into our limited view of physical reality. Questions must be specific, not implied. Implications make no sense in the fourth transpersonal layer. Neither do rambling statements that skirt around a question but never ask it. Again, the entity is responding to a question – our question, and we must ask it. They usually offer no advice unless asked.

In some cases, the entity will respond to the question, ‘Do you have anything to tell me that I should know but have not asked?’ Do not ask this question to keep yourself from having to ask a question or to hide a question that you know about. They will know that. Ask it only if there is something lingering that you cannot put your finger on. Open honesty is vital when addressing this entity.

While the entities presenting through a medium still relate to physical form, the entity presenting through the channel has no physical form that relates to ours. They do not ‘mold’ to the physical body of the channel, but extend as energy around it. Do not approach the channel unless asked to do so. Entering the energy field around the channel can disrupt the balance of energy and abruptly end the session in a manner that could be very uncomfortable for the channel.

The channeled entity is most interested in helping you expand your awareness and grow in Knowledge and understanding, but will only take this course of discussion if you initiate the question. Do not hesitate to speak anything that is on your Heart. If you desire specific, step-by-step direction in your persona life and already have a goal in mind, you may receive it. You may even hear the language ‘you must’ or ‘you will,’ but it is always in response to something that you already want to do. It is never designed to get you to change unless you really want to change.

Prepare yourself for the visit with the channeled entity. Think your questions out well beforehand. Write them down. It is easy to forget in the intensity of the session. There is a very high frequency of energy present and the physical mind sometimes goes blank. Remember that any honest, open question is valid. When in doubt, ask for clarification. This entity is extremely patient.

Consider the advice and direction given and again, make your own choice. The entity does not want a ‘follower,’ but you may leave with the feeling that you would like to become a follower.

Arrive with an open, honest Heart and leave with an open, honest Heart.

Walk in Peace.



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